If I'd found Gavin a bit unsettling before I absolutely hated him now.  His relentless pursuit of Sophina was threatening and unhealthy, I didn't understand why the administrators at the academy couldn't see how important it was for her to be out of his classes.

Today however I tried to forget all about the stressors in my life because we were going on a road trip!  Well a very mini road trip to the heart of New York City where our dance instructors performance would be held in a little off broadway theatre.  Lenna had canceled on us the last minute, so it was just Sophina and I.  Lenna had been acting really distant lately and I had to wonder if it was something I'd done.

With the recent events i didn't have the heart to antagonize Sophina so I relinquished my control over the stereo to her.  Happily she twisted the dials of the glossy black technology getting just the right combination of bass and treble for her pop music. 

We'd gotten into the city early so that we could do some shopping.  I found one of the exorbitantly priced parking garages and we walked down to Times Square.  Soph let out a squeal of glee as the Aero store came into view.  I hadn't shopped at such a store since middle school but I helped her pick out dozens of combinations of outfits to try on and then herded her into a changing room to commence the fashion show.

I pulled out my phone to text message my grandmother, yes she was cool enough to operate a fully functioning cell phone my grandfather on the other hand . . .,                IN NYC 4 A SHOW. WILL STOP BY IF TIME.






I looked up form my phone as Sophina emerged from the dressing room with a twirl, "what do you think"

"gorgeous" I said "but I think that top was designed for someone with a little more . . . bust"

"true but the pants I'm totally getting"

she vanished behind the bright changing room door and I pulled out my phone again. 

K- I messaged my grandmother back

then I looked at the clock only to be jolted into panic.  "Sophina I'm sorry but we've gotta go or were gonna be late!"

The End

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