I worriedly looked over Sophina in the schools infirmary.  As much as the girl annoyed me seeing her in such a vulnerable state made me realize how much she'd grown on me.  I guess she was kind of like a little sister, annoying and endearing all at once.

"she's fine, a little exhausted and overworked is all.  When she fell she hit her head which caused her to black out.  We're going to keep her here overnight, she may have a mild concussion. you two can o now, she'll be fine with me." explained the trainer

"can I stay just a little longer?"I asked

"sure but not too long."


I turned towards Gavin.  It was lucky he was there I guess to get help and carry Sophina to the infirmary but his presence was most unsettling.

"thanks" I spat at him.

"no problem, I just want to make sure she's okay."

"I really don't think she needs your help.  I'm glad you got her to the infirmary but it's a little suspicious that you just happened to be outside the paractice rom don't you think."

"it's no big deal I like to watch her dance is all."

"I don't want you hanging out around her anymore."

"you can't tell me what to do, ballerina barbie."

provoked I pushed his chest, "Don't mess with me."

he pushed me back causing me to stumble backwards against Sophina's bed "or what you'll puke on me?" he taunted making gagging noises foreffect.

then I heard Sophina's tired voice from behind me "get out of here you freak!"

we both turned around suprised.  Gavin approached her.

"hey baby girl I'm so glad you're alright."

"Please leave" was all she uttered.

then the trainer was back with a stern look on her face.  "get out, get out now, both of you!"

The End

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