The form that Sophina had thrust in front of my face was now resting on my desk.  I faced a dilemma write my true opinion of her technique and risk having either Soph or Stella or both get upset with me or to lie which I really didn't want to do.

I took a deep breath and swiveled around to look up at Soph.  "You know the truth is that your technique could use a lot if work Soph.  I don't want to write that on here so maybe you should find someone else to do this."

"I know I can improve but come on Joan cut me some slack I'm only 11."

"You may have a nice turnout and hyperextended knees but your arm placement is often wrong, you constantly forget to turn your back leg under while leaping and I've even seen you with flexed feet on more than one occassion.  look I'm not trying to be mean but I'm not going to lie on this form so how about you try a little harder on the classical ballet, which is what's going to really help your technique, and then I'll come back and fill this out later."

"fine, deal" came Soph's resigned agreement drifting down from the top bunk.

I hoped that Stella would approve of my tactics.  I wasn't being manipulative or anything it was the truth and hopefully soon Sophina would see how important classical ballet was.

The End

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