Everyone was gone on a trip - fine with me. I didn't want to go. I had plenty of work to be doing and besides, my room mate needed to be shown around. She'd arrived that morning.

The trip had seemed like a good idea when they wanted sign-ups, so I'd put my hand up, until they came to me afterwards and said that I wouldn't be able to go because I had to wait for my room mate. After the nightmares I'd had last night - I got them a lot, the result of my many accidents - I was glad I'd have the time to catch up on sleep.

"Hi." The girl walked in with barely a second glance at me, dumping her stuff on the bed and sitting down as though she owned the room. "I'm Mel. You?"

"Lenna," I replied. I tried not to feel usurped, but it was hard when I'd been in this room for several days already. Okay, so she wasn't new this year, but she hadn't seen the newest buildings yet - four new studios that had been built over the summer. "If you're wondering where everyone is, they're on a trip."

"I know. They called me."

"Who did?"

"Joan. We were friends last year." I made a mental note not to interfere with that friendship - people were touchy when newcomers tried to budge in. Really, I was just lonely. Charlotte and I had hardly any classes together.

"Oh, right." I looked at her, taking in her appearance. Red hair. Green eyes. Freckles. Skinny, but not the thinnest of the folk at this place. "So, what do you specialise in?"

"Contemporary," she replied. "Well, I'm a classical person too, but I'm better at contemporary. And I want to be a choreographer. You?"

"Ballet. But I do a lot of folk and character dance. I like how simple it is." Mel looked up and stared at me, taking in every aspect of my appearance, including the messed-up hair and scuzzy clothes. Well, I wasn't going anywhere, so who really cared?

We sat in silence for a minute. "You're new," she remarked intelligently. "But you don't look like the normal type to join late. Did something happen?"

"I had brain surgery."

"Oh, right." She just accepted it. Didn't ask or anything. At that moment I knew I'd found a friend. "Well, I have a couple of instructors I need to talk to, but if you want to hang out after that I'm cool with that. After all, nothing else to do when no one's here, is there?"

The End

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