I was glad to go see our instructor perform but I was second guessing my volunteering to drive everyone to see it.  Sure New York wasn't that far away but with traffic and Sophina babbling in my ear the whole time it was going to seem like forever.

My car was a gift from my grandparents.  I hadn't wanted it but they insisted just like they had insisted that I learn to drive in the first place.  I argued that no one in New York drove anyway.  Still my grandfather patiently waited through the hours of me crying behind the wheel until I was good enough to pass my drivers test and my reward was a shiny new lexus that my grandmother had picked out in her own personal favorite champaigne color to sit inside the parking garage and very rarely get used.

Stella had already given me the paper work for the companies that I was really interested in but I'd picked up a few smaller companies information at the meeting just in case, God forbid, I needed a backup plan.  My Grandfather always said to have a back up plan.  I put the papers into the manilla folder with my other papers neatly situated in an organizer on my desk.

" So we're going to have to set up some rules for riding in my car okay" Sophina peered her head over the side of her bunk waiting for the conditions I was about to present.  "So I am in complete control of both the temperature and music" "You do realize that your taste in music sucks, right?" Sophina rolled her eyes at me.  I decided to ignore her and made a mental note to play my most hard core of death metal albums on the trip for her benefit.

There was something about the raucous, frightening music that I took comfort in.  Maybe it was the fast that it was so different then all the music I'd spent my life dancing to.  "There will be no eating noxious smelling foods"

"got it"

"And I reserve the right to ignore all conversations in an effort to provide passengers with the safest trip possible."

"ugh, whatever"

Sophina rolled back over and busied herself with her papers.  She may have thought I was being faceitous but I honestly wasn't a very confident driver since I rarely practiced, I didn't need any distractions.

"Since we're going to New York we might as well stop by my house" I called to the pre-teen girl in the top bunk.  I knew that if my grandmother got wind of our trip she would be offended we hadn't stopped by.  "what do you think?"



The End

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