"We're going to New York City!!" I yelled down the hall. Joan was walking, talking to herself about having to drive me, Lenna, and herself to New York City. I, on the other hand was happy.

"Soph, how are you in long car rides?" she said as we entered our small room. I claimed up the ladder to my bed, set the space paper work I had to fill out for a audition. I giggled happily. How was I in a long car ride...

"Good. I normally listen to a book on my I pod, but since your there, I be talking a lot." I pulled up facebook on my lap top, and wrote my mom a message.

"Ok..well I'm not sure if I'm happy about driving. At least we're not going in the school bus, it stinks." She sighed, and looked thorgh her paperwork.

I hopped off my bed, and wrote on my calendar the date. Two weeks from today, I was going to have a privet audition with A modern Ballet Company. And, like 13 others with in three months.

The End

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