We'd been working on the dance for weeks and the competition was right around the corner it seemed.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't just a little excited but in truth this was all for Sophina's benefit.

"Grr Soph you've to keep your back foot pointed when you leap."

" I know, I know, I'm trying okay."

" You know if you focused more on ballet little bits of technique like that would come much more naturally to you."

Sophina just hurumphed and tried her leap again.  I had been hinting that she should take more ballet and I'd like to think that my message was getting through even though she treated my advice with an air of indifference.

"Is that Gavin kid still stalking you?"

"well he tries to hang with me a lot, I've managed to keep him away during lunch by spending it with you, thanks by the way."

"no problem" Joan said half heartedly

"Why don't you ever eat anyway?"

"I eat a little bit through out the day, it's healthier.  You know If he's still bugging you you should make a complaint."

Sophina looked wistful as she contemplated that course of action when out Pointe teacher poked her head into the empty classroom.

"Geesh don't you girls ever take a break?"

"not if we can help it" I replied with a smile

"Well I've been looking all over for you two.  there''s a mandatory pointe meeting in the lounge be there in five."

"got it" said Sophina

We grabbed our things and hustled down to the lounge.  A small group of girls were sitting on the floor and couch.  Some were sitting in Straddles or frog positions stretching.  Would we be doing any dancing I wondered?

The strict petite woman stood in front of us, hands on hips.  "Alright I've got two orders of business to address.  First off there are going to be some auditions coming up at the school for a ballet companies and you are the lucky few eligible as you know.  after I'm done come up here and get the paper work for the companies and auditions you're interested, you can take as many as you like.  Secondly I'm a dancer in the lemon meringue modern ballet dance company and was asked by Stella to teach this pointe class on a temporary basis."

I glanced over at Charlotte as she gasped, "You can't be leaving!"

"no I'm not leaving yet but I do have a performance this weekend and all of you are invited to come.  Just raise your hand if you want to go and I'll have the tickets delivered to your rooms later this week."

I glanced at Lenna, her hand was enthusiastically waving in the air next to Charlotte's, she was looking a bit more chipper than the last time I saw her.  I raised my hand and nudged Sophina to do the same.  I wasn't a huge fan of modern ballet but getting out of the academy would be nice for a change.

The End

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