Great. I had a roomie. Well, I didn't actually have one yet, as such. But she was going to be arriving tomorrow morning, so I had to shift all of my stuff over to my side of the room - not that I'd spread it out much yet. I only ever did that when I felt really at home, and somehow that hadn't happened yet here.

I felt stupid for breaking down. If Joan had been just a couple of minutes earlier she would have caught me in tears, which made me just feel ridiculous. I shouldn't have said all that stuff to Charlotte if it was going to be that hard.

To be fair, she'd been very understand - hadn't even asked questions or anything. But I knew what she was thinking, because everyone thought it: if that much is going wrong with your dance life, don't you think it's something telling you it's not the life for you? Perhaps you should do something else...

I got up and started to put my clothes away in the cupboard. I couldn't live out of a suitcase forever. At that moment, my phone rang. I flipped it open - my mother.

"Hi, Mum," I said, trying not to sound like she'd interrupted me.

"Lenna? I'm sorry I didn't phone you sooner. I thought I'd let you settle down. Are you free to talk right now?" Her voice went straight through my headache. I picked up a pair of tights and a leotard and put them in a drawer.

"I guess. My room mate is arriving tomorrow, though, so I have to clear up a bit. But it's fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine..."

She heard the lie in my voice. "You need to stop torturing yourself about last year, Lenna! It's over now. It was over eighteen months ago. You need to move on with your life..."

"I can't just forget Dad," I told her. This was what always happened. We'd start off talking about something perfectly neutral, and before you knew it we were in the middle of a huge argument. Not something I wanted to share with random strangers - I was glad that for now I had the room to myself.

"I'm not asking you to. I'm asking you to live your own life." It seemed Mum was as eager to move on as I was. "So, what are the classes like here? Have you made any new friends?"

The End

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