Lenna told me her roommate had sent her an email and would be arriving soon.  I didn't bother to bring up the dance.  Her face was exhausted and slightly puffy as if she'd been crying.  I wanted to spend more time with her but my thoughts were never far from Sophina.

To be honest I was afraid to leave the girl alone for too long.  Someone could say something to her, she'd take it out of context and get offended and before you know it I'd be getting blamed for it, sitting in Stella's office.

I hated having this babysitter obligation but if I didn't help out soph and get her into classical ballet then Stella wasn't going to help me get into a dance company.  I didn't have much of a choice.  I left Lenna with a reassuring smile and headed back to our pink room.

Sophina wasn't there.  Great!  now I was going to have to go track her down, this girl was so much work.  Then I spied a note on my desk in a jaunty script.  I read it.  So she'd gone to practice a dance and she expected me to meet her there.  GRRRRR!  Honestly she should be taking my orders not the other way around.

I had tried to be nice and accomodating for this girl but Soon I wouldn't be able to take it any more.  I grabbed my dance bag and headed towards the empty classroom.  I could hear that annoying Pink song blaring from half way down the hall.

As I reached the door I saw bronze hair flailing around as Sophina gyrated to the music.  "please say she's just messing around and this isn't our choreography." I murmered to myself.

I was about to interupt her when I noticed someone to my left.  I turned to see Gavin, he was typically a jazz and hip-hop dancer.  one of the few boys enrolled at the school.  He was good, I'd taken ballet with him my first year but he wasn't a  ballet dancer so I hadn't really ever bothered to get to know him.

He was peeking through one of the viewing windows.  His muscled arms folded over his tight fitting wife beater.  Noticing me he looked over a bit startled "She's great isn't she?"

"I guess.  What are you doing here?"

"I was just walking by and heard the music so I thought I'd take a peek."

"Alright well you probably were on your way to somewhere."

"right" he siad awkwardly, "bye"

"bye" I sarcastically waved.  I don't know why but that kid ave me the creeps.

The music had ended and Sophina was starring back at her panting self satisfied in the mirror.

"you're gonna have to do better than that if you want to win  a competition at this school."

Soph looked up from her water bottle surprised to see me walking across the wood floor.  "well I'd like to see you do better"

"I'd be glad to."

I threw my bag down in the corner and stepped up to the stereo system to quee my music.  I pulled on some foot undies and took center floor asking Sophina to play my music.  I performed my exhibition piece from last year for her.  It was contemporary and was full of jumps and turns and lots of unconventional moves.  As the chorus of Amanda Palmer's 'Astronaut' bared over the speakers I executed the most difficult turn sequence.  Inside and outside pirouettes then a series of fouette's ending in a triumphant leap with my signature Ballon.

Three minutes later I gave a proper ballet courtsey and looked towards my audience of one with a big grin on my face.  "okay that was fun, so seriously we've got to make a dance. oh and did you see that Gavin creep starring in the window earlier?"



The End

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