While Joan was out on her owen adventour, I thought I should have my own. I changed form skinny jeans and a Aero top, to yoga pants and a tank top.  I grapped my I pod and speacker, and wrote a note.

I'm going to work on a dance. I'll be in the Empty Dance room that we can use. Ok, you know where that is.



I grabbed my Toe Pad,  and walked down to the first level. I grabbed a water bottle from the Cafe, and I headed to the room.  There where bares for ballet, wooden floors for tap, and Mats for Acero.

I closed the door, and pushed the butoon that said  In use.

I fliped thorgh the music, and chose Don't let me get me.  I put the Toe Pad on, and let the music do it's job.  I wachted in the mirror, I had my dance.

The End

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