"Geez, Soph.  I thought I worked out a lot." I did some band strengthening exercises and a couple hundred crunch's every morning and evening to go along with my swims and heavy dance schedule.  It seemed like every opportunity she got Sophina was flexing this or stretching that.

She only grunted in response.  I pulled up the itunes interface on Soph's laptop that was propped open on my bed to listen to the song;s she'd suggested.  "Pop's not really my thing"  I said.  The girl grabbed a water bottle from the mini fridge and hopped back up on the bed.  She grabbed my Zune and started browsing through it.

"Ugh, Joan is this really all you listen to?"  She commented.  My taste in music was pretty limited, a combination of classical music and death metal, the occasional contemporary piece with a smattering of old songs I'd performed to in the past.  "I told you pop wasn't my thing."

I queed "Family Portrait' and pressed play.  I wasn't very familiar with Pink but it sounded pretty generic to me.  Then I focused in on the lyrics.  By the end of the song there were tears running down my cheeks.

"Oh my gosh Joan, what's wrong." Embarrassed I wiped at my face "nothing, I'm fine.  That song just kind of got to me."

"I understand, family doesn't always equal happy"

"yeah" I was glad she didn't pry further but then if she'd asked about my family I would have told her.  I would have mentioned that my mother had died three years ago and I now lived with my grandparents.  I don't think I would have explained how even though she loved me my grandparents had basically raised me, that I hadn't seen my father since I was seven.

"So do we have our song?" Sophina asked her small feet dangling over the edge of my pink and green bed spread. 

"I don't think so.  Not to be difficult but if we want to win we're going to have to have something more dynamic and these songs just aren't musically interesting enough."  Sophina's exasperation was obvious as she leaned back to pull a short leg up to her nose, blowing a wisp of bronze hair from over her eye.

I moved to the floor and maneuvered my legs into a straddle.  With my head resting in my hands i racked my brain for a song Sophina and i could both agree on.  There were some Industrial songs that I'd always thought would make good dance pieces but there was no way Sophina would like them.

I pulled my legs together and in one more graceful motion was next to Sophina on the bed.  "How about something by Amanda Palmer or Regina Spektor?" I asked.  "their songs have a good combination of intense emotion and upbeat complex rhythms that would be perfect for a more modern piece."

The End

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