The class continued with more of the same, the instructor asking us to show her different moves in turn.  Clearly I was at the top of the class.  I was glad that Lenna was in it too though.  Abby looked as if she were going to cry by the time it was over.  Modern was really more of her thing anyway.

Before letting us return to ballet class for classical and neoclassical we were instructed to listen as we changed out of our shoes.  It was amazing how such a small woman could be so intimidating.  A pair of worn cut off sweat pants over her leo and no tights.  tangled hair spilling down her back.  An amused expression graced her pointed heart shaped face.  She was a lot younger than most of the instructors here.

"So now that you all hate me, let me tell you how wonderful you are.  And I'm not just being flattering you all were honestly chosen for this class specifically because you show a lot of promise and will be eligible to audition for some major dance companies later this year.  Think of this class as test prep.  That said, you all have a lot of work to do and I will personally see to it that your sorry butts get whipped into gear.  Alright get out of here, you've got more dancing to do."

The woman turned with a  swish of her long pony tail and busied herself in the corner obviously uninterested with any of us any more.  I motioned to Sophina and we headed back to our class.



The End

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