The Teacher asked as to show her our Attitude. I was happy. This is my favorite move. I thought it was easy. But, not everyone did.

One girl, Abby, fell. She had not had enough work on .Point, and was sent back to her class. Joan's was wonderful. Of course it was, she had been dancing since she was 3.

"Wonderful, Joan!" the teacher coxed. "You are a natural! Next, little Sophina." I made my way to center, my Point shoes fixed by Joan, and I did my move. I looked in the mirror, and it was pretty. Almost as good as Poliva's herself.

"Ok, not bad. Needs work." She said. "I've seen better from 13 year olds." She must have thought I was 13, no. I'm 11.

"No, I'm 11. But, thank you."

The End

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