**** Alright I'm gonna switch to first person like the rest of you now****

I was so embarrassed for being late.  I told the teacher that I was finishing eating, an excuse that Stella would corroborate since I had spent most of my lunch talking with her, but the truth is I was late because I had been getting rid of my chocolate cake in the bathroom. 

We went through a quick barre.  Some plei's and grand battement's, we were really working more on our arms then our feet.  After going across the floor and a short floor routine it was time for Sophina and I to head over to the new pointe class. 

I admit I was a little put out by the fact that I had to have a pointe class with her and that we had to leave our scheduled class.  When we arrived we sat down with a handful of other girls to put on our pointe shoes.  A petite woman with chestnut hair in a long messy pony tail emerged from behind the curtain of the small practice room clapping her hands. 

"Chop chop, you'll have to tie your shoes faster than that if you want to make it in a  dance company."

I stood up my ribbons neatly tucked into my ankle "I'm finished." "well good for you." the instructor replied sarcastically. " I assume your already warmed up so get your little ballerina butt's center floor so we can do some real dancing."

I looked over at Sophina, her ribbons were sown in all wrong,  I'd have to fix them for her later.  This new teacher was tough and Sophina didn't deal with criticism well.  How was I supposed to convert her to ballet if her least favorite teachers were ballerina's?

The End

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