I made my way to the ballet room. I was not really happy about talking to Stella, but the E-mail. Well, I guess it for the best.

I walked into the huge room. It was not Marley Floor, which I'm use to, but wood. There was a bare all the way around the room, not the ones you pull out like Emmie had. I sat down, and put on my toe pad. The first part of my class was Contemporary style. So, I'm guessing these girls will be in my Contemporary Class.

The teacher walked in, she was a tall women, with long, black hair. She wore a simple pink leo, and black tights.

"Hello, Ladies." she said. "I'm Rose Roberts. I'm your ballet Teacher, but, I guess you know that. I know known of know yet if your taking En Point, so I'll begin class by telling you. If you are in the En Point class, you will leave after a hour, than you will spend a half hour, you will come here for a hour of Classical ballet, than Neoclassical." She smiled. "Sit down." I took a seat on the cold floors, when the door opened.

Joan spited in, and sighed.

"I'm SO sorry, I was finishing eating." She sat down next to me and smiled.

"Like I was saying, Only two of you will be taking a point class. Not that you aren't all ready for it, but these two are our strongest. Drum Roll please," she said, we all patted the ground like little kids. "Ok, Sophina and Joan, you will be in point! Ellie wants you two over in the second Ballet room, she has some rules and other Point stuff to teach you. "

The End

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