"I don't do much folk," said Lenna quickly. "I mean, my mum's Irish so I started that when I was five. And my dad's Scottish, so I started that when I was eight. But I've never done more than a couple of classes a week. It's always been ballet and that for me." She pulled out the shoes, showing them to her interrogator. "They're Irish shoes. My Scottish ones are dead, and I need new ones."

"Don't know where you'll get them," said the girl. "You're new, aren't you? I don't remember seeing you here before. My name is Joan, by the way."

"Joan. Hi." Lenna smiled a little weakly. She could tell she was going to get the whole, 'you're new, aren't you?' thing several times more before the day was out. "I'm Lenna. I just joined. I wanted to audition before, but I was in hospital and couldn't make it."

"That would make sense," said Joan, and they moved a little further down the line. "I guess your roommate is an oldie, though. Do you know who it is?"

"Not yet. She's ill and won't be here until the end of the week, so I've got time to settle in." Lenna shrugged. "I guess in some ways that'll help me. I'm not used to having to share a room."

"I hate it," confessed Joan. "I don't know, it can be quite lonely on your own, but I've never had a roommate that I really liked. I prefer my personal space, you know?"

"Yeah." Lenna looked at the selection of food. Back home she'd have eaten a sandwich, with maybe a banana. But she'd been dancing all morning, and although she only had academic lessons for a couple of periods now, she knew she would need the strength to get through the day. She'd been late for lunch because one of the teachers had asked to see her, to talk about her previous injuries, and there wasn't much left, but she still managed to get a baked potato.

"So, why were you in hospital?"

Lenna internally rolled her eyes. She was going to get that a lot, wasn't she? "It's kind of complicated. But you know, I think I should just put it on the internet or something. Would stop everyone asking me the whole time, right? I've had that question about five times already." It wasn't that she minded telling the story, but she'd rather people were more sensitive.

Joan looked a little guilty. "Sorry. I'm just curious."

"Let's find a table," Lenna suggested, walking away towards the free space she could see. "I'll explain when we're sitting down. Like I said, kind of a long story."

The End

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