Lenna stared at her timetable. It wasn't the same as anyone. Though she'd welcome the variety, it meant she was never with the same people for more than an hour or two...

She looked down. Well, they'd started her with something relatively easy - she had a Scottish class for an hour straight after breakfast. It wasn't her favourite type of dance but it was pretty good exercise and now that she'd been learning it for seven years, didn't really require all that much thinking.

"Lenna!" said the teacher. She wondered how the woman knew who she was. "My name is Bridget. I don't stand for this whole surnames thing, it seems pretty stupid. You've done this for quite a while, haven't you? I expect the other students will be here soon, but if you want to do any of your own personal warm ups first..."

Lenna wondered if the woman had breathed. "Uh, yeah, I've been dancing a while -"

"Great!" Bridget didn't let her say anything else and was off immediately, doing something complicated to the speaker system. "Don't look so nervous, Lenna, we won't bite you."

She started to warm up, stretching and bending towards her sock-clad feet. Her shoes were in her bag but they pinched; she needed to get some new ones soon, if she was going to carry on in this class.

The rest of the students entered, most of them girls. Obviously, not many boys had elected to take Scottish dancing. Somehow, she wasn't really surprised.

"Hello," said one girl, coming over. "So you're new, right?"

"Yeah, I'm new," said Lenna uncomfortably. She had been put in classes with other students her own age, which was something at least, although it didn't seem like that was always how it worked over here. Some folk were with people three, four years older than them. But she guessed it was almost the same thing, since she'd only just joined. "I was gonna audition before, but I was in hospital. So now I'm here."

"Oh my gosh, why were you in hospital?" The bright friendly girl suddenly remembered something. "Sorry, I should have introduced myself. My name is Helena. Now, tell me about it!"

The End

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