Nancy clapped her hands as the ballerina's executed the short floor routine in groups.  She liked to make it in to a friendly competition and Joan always took it upon herself to make sure that her 'team' would win. 

Her group ran through the steps in their minds making diminutive gestures to represent them with their arms and feet.  You were never allowed to just sit and watch in a ballet class.  You can't let your muscles get cold. 

Joan's group took center floor and put every thing into their impromptu performance.  Everything from arm to head placement was perfect.  "great Job everyone!" exclaimed Nancy.  "I'm going to have to award the winners of this days floor class group B for their impeccable technique but next time girls I want to see some smiles."

Joan stuffed her shoes into her dance bag.  It had always been difficult for her to smile while dancing if she wasn't on stage.  She would try harder though.  She would need the presence of a smile while auditioning she supposed.

She made her way past the dining hall towards Stella's office.  She wasn't sure what the former principal ballerina wanted but she was always honored to get a chance to speak with her.  She greeted the receptionist, also named Nancy.  She was told that Stella would see her in a minute, she was speaking with another student.

Joan set her bag next to her on the floor as she sat on the leather couch.  She was adjusting the pink bow necked sweatshirt she had thrown over her leotard to show just the faintest glimpse of her shoulder when the door opened and she saw Sophina walking out of the room.  Stella's hand comfortingly placed on her shoulder a gentle smile on her face.

The End

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