My split was wonderful. I don't know why I had to hold them for five mintunes, but I did. So, now my spilit was "Ballarina" ready. God, and again, ninty percent of the kids in my class where boys.

"Sohp, is ok if I call you that?" said Finoa, the Jazz teacher.


"Ok, now I want to see all of your turns." I did each one, and after ecah, Gavin clapped. I had know idea what he wanted.

"Good, class you may leave. Soph, work on your splits." I nodded and left the room.

Gavin leanded againgst the wall.

"So, you did good."

"Thnaks." I said grimly.

"What wrong?" He said, he put his arm around me. I quickly slid under it.


"Ok, clam down. Come on, lets sit down." He led me to a empty table, and sat down. I sighed, and got out my cell phone.  I texted my Mom and said I was doing O.K. Im not telling her about the fight or my new stalker.

"Well, I'm getting food, want anything?"

"Yea, just a apple and Gatderaid." I said. I handed him a five.

I put my head on the table and cried. I hated it here.

The End

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