After my fight with Carole, I finshed my work out in my new warm up spot and headed to hip hop.

To my schok, I was in the one all male class. I'm not joking.  When I walked in, ten male heads looked at me.

"Um..Hi." said the the Teacher. "You must be Sophina?"

"Yea, where are the other girls?" I said.  I looked around to see a group of boys in white wife beaters staring at me. 

"There are no other girls. You where placed in my all male hip hop class.  And the dance for your group is all around you, Sweet heart." he said to me.

"Me?" I said. 

"Yes you."


"Ok, well we are going to show our Hip Hop dance skills today, so do you have the music?"  " got my I pod out of my bag, and hooked it up.

"Yea, but I really wasn't planning on showing it to a bunch of boys, Lerry." I said.

"It's fine, go ahead!" he said.

I sighed as I turned on my song.

When it was over, I was clapped and we moved on to the next kid.

When class was over, a boy named Gavin came up to me.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi." I looked thorgh my bag, and got out my map.

"Whats your next class?''

"Jazz." I answerd.

"Mine to! I'll walk you there!"

The End

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