The pilates instructor Marius led the girls and few boys through some band strengthening exercises.  Joan rolled onto her back with her right leg stretched nearly next to her ear the stretchy band looped over her arch.  She let her head rest on the ground and her eyes caught bronze hair at the door way.

She waited until they were doing upright stretches, listening to Marius give a lecture on how Pilates was created specifically as a strengthening method for ballet dancers, creating long lean muscles.  Joan had heard it all before and so trained her attention towards the doorway.

Looking from between her legs in a deep stretch she could see Sophina doing yoga poses in the hallway.  Ugh that girl just wasn't going to leave her alone was she.  As the girls unofficial mentor she felt a twinge of obligation to go see why she wasn't in her yoga class.  She could be lost or something.  Then again she didn't want to miss out on her own warm up to help the kid.

As Marius came over to adjust Joan's back during a resistance stretch he mentioned the strange girl peeking in on his class.  "Isn't that your roommate?" he asked.  "yes" I grunted.  "well do you want to go talk to her or should I embarrass her in front of half the school?" 

Joan batted the options back and forth in her mind.  "well?" Marius prompted.  She stood with her legs straight and bent to touch her palms to the floor before agreeing, "I guess I'll go talk to her."  Marius patted her shoulder, "be quick" before she skipped across the large room to the small girl.

The End

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