I waved as Joan left me in the large yoga room. I made my way to the back and sat up my mat. I started off my routine like I always had with the Supine Stretch. The teacher was just here to fix us if we did anything wrong. When Justin Biber (Of all singers) came on, I raised my hand.

"Yes?" said the teacher.

"Is Yoga a Religion?" I asked. I had always wanted to know. And, now seemed like the best time to ask.

"No.." she said. "Get back to whatever it is you were doing. Your not very good at this." she said. I gasped.

''I'm not staying in this Yoga class!" I picked up my thing and left, just as Justin said "When your hearts under Attack."

I walked down the hallway, and stopped and did my own warm ups, while watching Joan class.

The End

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