Joan's breakfast felt heavy in her stomach.  She'd only had some strawberries and yogurt but this was the first day of classes and she couldn't help but be a little anxious.  The midget of a roommate she had was going to be a bathroom hog it seemed and she desperately needed to empty her stomach.

     The bronze haired girl emerged looking smug, she wasn't even dressed for class yet.  Joan was too immersed in the uncomfortable feelings in her stomach to register the awckwardness of the exchange as the young girl pressed an article into her hands.  "great, used bathroom material" she muttered as she pushed past the girl and into the miniscule private bath.

     She locked the door and leaned over the toilet.  She didn't even need to use her fingers this time.  That done she brushed her teeth and added an extra bobby pin to her already tight bun, just in case.  She glanced at the article now lying on the floor.  It was about a young dancer.

      Maybe the girl was just honestly trying to be nice.  She scanned it quickly her hand poised on the doorknob.  . .

"That rude little midget!" she screamed in her head.  " She couldn't have told me this herself, she had to hand me an article singing her praises? 11, that's ridiculous, most girls start here at 13.  Maybe she's really talented but she can't be in my classes. please not ballet.  11 is pretty standard to start en pointe at a lot of studios.  I started at 12.  Judging by how underdeveloped she is it will probably deform her feet anyway."

     Joan took a deep breath.  Having let out a mental scream she tried to calm down before facing the girl.  She twisted the door knob and put a small smile onto her face.

     Handing the article back to her roommate she said, " Hey I didn't know you were only 11 that's pretty amazing.  What's your schedule look like?"

The End

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