I clicked on the Article with the heading "Gifted 11 year old Dancer".   Mom had just E-mailed me that on People's  wedsite, there was a article all about me.  I sighed when I saw my picture, me dancing the Part of Maira from the Nutcraker.

This eleven year old may be tiny, but she can dance! Sophina Evans is a dance "Prodigy", to others her Mother, Phoebe Marks-Evans, is just a over bearing stage mom.

"Mrs. Evans and I have had many talks about putting pressure on Sophina. Her Mother says she just goes down stairs and works on her dances for hours." Says Emmaline Mason, Sophinas dances trainer. "She is in a class with 17 year olds, and she's better than all of them. This girl has more muscle than me. She is 11 and on point! Most girls her age aren't in in Pre-point!" When I spoke with Ms. Mason, she told me about Sophina going to the Protagonize school Of Dance.

"Yes, Sophina will be joining us," said Stella Edwards, the school Head Mistress, and former New York Ballet Theater dancer. " She is wonderful, that is why she will be with our older girls. She is also the youngest girl in the Academy. We are proud to have her.''

I closed the tab.  My Mother was not a Stage Mom. No.

"Sophina!" yelled Joan.

"What?" I got off the toilet, and laughed.

"Are you done in there?"

"Yea, I never want to the bathroom. Hey, can read this Article."

I opened the door, and showed Joan the Aritcle.

The End

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