Hair in a dripping wet pony tail Joan leaned against the receptionist's desk.  Swimming was the only form of exercise she really enjoyed aside from dance, she often jokingly mused whether that was because a swimsuit was basically a leotard.  Jokes aside swimming was an excellent way to cross train.  She needed to have an edge not only on the girls in her class but her competition at auditions.

     "New schedules out today right?"  she asked in a gentle chipper voice.  "Yep and room assignments." The middle aged woman handed a file to the slender girl.  Joan peeked inside.  "You're not going to like it." The receptionist warned.  "Can't be any worse than last year." the girl answered optimistically.

     The receptionist chuckled.  Marion was a horrible roommate.  Food wrappers and clothes always barred Joan's path to their shared bunk.  If that wasn't enough her incessant Hip-Hop music nearly drove the ballerina mad. 

     They had been paired together because they had virtually identical schedules.  Joan quickly found out that whatever talent she had for performing that got her into this school didn't hold up in the class room.  Her technique was awful.  She was always late.  Joan was happy she wouldn't be returning this year.

     Her soft amber eyes scanned over the black and white charts.  "A first year!" she exclaimed.  The pleasant calm from her swim dissipated and was replaced by irritation.  "I know." comforted the woman. " Stella wanted to pair up all the new girls with senior dancers.  She thought it would get their heads in the game faster."

    An exasperated puff of air was all Joan could offer in reply.  " I told you, you should have put in a roommate request."  the woman cajoled.  " I guess", resigned Joan stuck the file into her dance bag.  She had been at the academy for five years and never had a roommate she really cared for.

     Still she'd rather put up with an annoying girl than ask her grandmother to pay for a single.  She got along with most of the girls here but was only close with a few.  She'd rather take her chances rooming with someone new each year than to ruin a relationship with someone she already knew.

     A first year however was unacceptable.  Soon Joan would be auditioning with some of the most prestigous ballet companies not to mention landing the role of Sugar Plum fairy for the academies production of Nutcracker, she didn't have time to be showing middle schoolers around.

     She doubted she would have anything in common with someone so much younger and so many levels below her.  She could just imagine  Justin Beiber blaring from garishly colored headphones as she tried to fall asleep.  Even without the benefit of an audience Joan rolled her eyes at the juvenile habits of younger girls. 

     The ballerina was sure she was never like that.  She'd make nice though.  Something so trivial wasn't going to get in her way this year but if it got out of hand she'd request a roommate change.  Not to be optimistic but Joan was sure she'd be better off just ignoring the girl than trying to make friends with her.  "What kind of a name is Sophina?" she muttered to herself as the elevator doors opened onto her floor.

The End

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