First day - September 8th


IsabellaDuck68: Lenna, how are you? We all miss you over here.
LennaDancer: Sorry...
IsabellaDuck68: It's not your fault! So, how's this fancy dance school going?
LennaDancer: Not really what I was expecting, if I'm honest.
IsabellaDuck68: In a good way? 
LennaDancer: I'm not sure yet. I mean, everyone seems pretty friendly. At least at the moment. I don't expect that will last when we're all trying to be picked for Nutcracker at Christmas...
IsabellaDuck68: What about the lessons?
LennaDancer: Haven't had any yet.
IsabellaDuck68: Oh, right. How about your room?
LennaDancer: It's not too bad. I've seen some of the others and they're hideous. It's blue, not pink, which is good. And I haven't got a room mate yet. She's ill - she's coming later this week.
IsabellaDuck68: Well, at least it gives you time to settle in, right?
LennaDancer: Gonna be weird to have to get used to her as well, though. I don't know. I wanted to come here...
IsabellaDuck68: It'll be fine. You're a brilliant dancer. You'll go far...

[Aimee...xx has joined the conversation]

Aimee...xx: How's it going?
LennaDancer: Not much happening so far. What's life like back at home?
IsabellaDuck68: School's very quiet without you there.
Aimee...xx: There's a new girl. Called Anna. She's a bit weird.,
LennaDancer: Probably just shy. Be nice to her.
Aimee...xx: Be nice to the folk over there, too. You don't know what they might do to get revenge...
LennaDancer: Ha, real encouraging. All right, I have to go. Dinner.
IsabellaDuck68: What's the food like?
LennaDancer: If you let me stop talking I'll be able to find out...

[conversation ended 18:12]

Lenna closed the window on her computer and looked up at the clock. She had three minutes to get to the dining room. That'd be enough, right? It couldn't be too far. She was rubbish at remembering things, so she made sure to grab her map before she left the room, helpfully provided by other students. It was weird, starting here at fifteen. No one else did it.

Then again, no one else was Lenna. 

The End

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