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The tepid water flowed down her back, erasing some of the afflictions of the day as the water grew warmer. She rubbed her shoulders one by one and smiled, glad to be away from the office. She enjoyed the fast pace of her job, but the inverse was stimulating as well.

She was so ready to jump into the shower that she forgot to lock the front door upon entering her apartment. She remembered this fact after she stepped into the tub, the water instantly drenching her. Oh well, she thought. It will be fine. Nothing ever happens in this neighborhood.

After a long, luxurious shower, she turned off the water – hot first, followed quickly by the cold. Water dripped from both the shower head and the faucet below. Those weren't the only sounds, though. She heard a creaking from somewhere in her apartment.

She froze, trying to listen; her neighbors could be making noise, after all. As the dripping of the water slowed to a crawl and then stopped all together, she realized that the sound would not be from either of her neighbors.

She clutched at her chest, trying to hide herself from a lurking degenerate even though visually she was quite safe behind the shower curtain – that is until the curtain was ripped to one side, exposing her to the rest of the bathroom where two men stood, their clothes soiled many times over.

She barely had time to scream before one of the men grabbed at her, gagging her after a short struggle. She continued to thrash as she was pulled out into the living room. After several more minutes of struggling and her energy depleted, she collapsed into unconsciousness.

The End

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