Anyone- Soon The day Will Come Where...

I contemplated my prophecy again...
"Ma'am, please, you must know... what is my prophecy?"
"You already know your prophecy my dear. 'Soon The Day Will Come Where-"
"Yes I know that part but what's the end?!"

The old lady in front of me widened her eyes as though they were ready to pop out of her face before falling to her knees, coughing and passing out.

I stepped out of the tent where I had found her. She wouldn't wake up while I was around, I knew this to be a fact.

"Soon The Day Will Come Where..."

I wondered if I would ever understand; if I would ever know what it was that I was waiting for...

A pain hit my side. Before  I had the chance to cry out in agony there was a hand across my face.

"You should have stopped searching my dear. You should never have kept trying.
You wanted to know your prophecy?" The man holding my face glared at me.

"Soon The Day Will Come Where You Will Understand.
But no, you won't like it."

The pain in my side worsened and the world went black. 

The End

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