MoonBean: You Have Much. Beware of Those You've Neglected.

"Dad?" asked my seven-year-old daughter, Molly.

"Hmm?" I asked, turning a page in my newspaper.

"Can we go do something together today?"

"Not today, sweetie. Daddy's got work to do. Maybe next weekend."

As she walked away, I could hear her grumble under her breath, "That's what you said last weekend.  And the weekend before that."

You have much. Beware of those you've neglected.

There was that voice again! I'd been hearing it all morning. What did it mean? Was I going crazy? Or was this like one of those angel/devil things that always sit on your shoulder and tell right from wrong?

I didn't know which, and I didn't want to find out. Why would I need to know right from wrong? And I wasn't going crazy. I just wasn't.

I looked around my home. There was a glass chandelier in the next room, along with a collection of expensive glass vaces and a large spiral staircase heading upstairs. I was sitting on a beautiful leather armchair (with cupholders!) and in front of me was a Hi-Def 50 inch flat-screen T.V.

If I didn't know right from wrong, why was I getting all these rewards?

You have much. Beware of those you've neglected.

"Who have I neglected!?" I suddenly burst.

"Daddy?" said a voice.

It was Molly. "Oh, hello Molly, sorry--"

"I made you some coffee. You seemed tired."

I was tired.  I took the cup and took a big drink.

Molly skipped out of the room. I sat down and continued drinking.

Suddenly my mouth felt dry. I started coughing violently. So badly, that when I got up to get a drink I fell to my hands and knees.

Beware of those you've neglected.

Now I get it...

The End

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