MaxwellDanger- Beware of temptation, lest it lead you astray

Temptation is nothing new to me. When everyone regards you as the 'good guy' or the 'nice guy', when you had parents who took you to church every sunday and drilled a moral code into you until it was hard-wired into your DNA - when someone like that is put into a society which basically lives doing the opposite, temptation hits you dead in the face.

And its sneaky, temptation is. Sometimes it will just start out as an invitation, an opportunity, a conversation. Then it leads to a product, or a dish, a drink, a tablet, a club, a kiss. Then worse. 

And people don't even realise. They can't see what inner struggles I have over something they might not bat an eyelid at. It's so difficult, and you can't share it. It's a burden that a person must bear alone. It's so tough, and no one can help. 

So this 'prophecy', or whatever? Thanks for nothing. Its useless to me now. If it was meant to be a prophecy, then its come way to late to help me now. 

The End

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