JoBramley - 'Angels or demons can't save you now, child.'

I was wondering what the weird sisters would say when I saw them. It was only a matter of time before they found me after all. They got to Skye first, back when I was only a kid and still running. She was freaked out for weeks after.

Then, well I don't know what happened next to her because I got found by the Police and put into foster care, which was where I met Katie, she'd just become a social worker. I overheard this whole conversation that she got a freaky ass prophecy the day she'd interviewed for this job, but it didn't bother her before. Now it did. It was one of those kind of things.

After that, I was counting down the days until they found me, it actually took longer than I thought. But in the end, they found me. Two weeks ago, so just before I turned 14. I heard them coming so I just met three old ladies that told me my prophecy. There was no pain or panic about it, they told me and left. But I kept hearing the words repeating through my skull all day. 

The thing is, it just made me laugh. Angels abandoned me a long time ago, they wouldn't want to help me, never have. And demons? Well, they've been torturing me since day one. Why would they suddenly change hearts?

So weird sisters, is that the best you can do? Seriously, tell me something I don't know. 

The End

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