HannaKingdom - 'When you hear the clicks... don't look behind you.'

As if one prophecy wasn't bad enough, those old crones had to give me another one. I swear, they were simply out to spook me. 

When you hear the clicks...don't look behind you. 

Seriously?! I'm already dizzy from the number of times I've wheeled round, thinking there might have been a click and then remembering their warning. I'm a wreck. 

"I'll get even with you one day, you shrivelled up, old-" I cursed the trio under my breath, walking with headphones cranked up high so that I could hear nothing but the internal voice of my mind becoming steadily more colourful in its insults. 

It was only in the pause between songs that I picked up the faint sounds in the distance. However, I was enjoying coming up with increasingly more creative ways to cause those three crones the same pain that they had caused me to even really notice. 

Three and a half minutes later, there was a brief moment of silence, pierced by the unmistakable double-click and the cold kiss of a metal barrel.

When you hear the clicks...don't look behind you. 

My veins seemed to course cold as I felt my head turn of its own accord, freezing at the exact midpoint between looking forward and looking behind. 

Don't look behind you.

The urge was overwhelming, but so was my desire not to test this 'prophecy'. I heard the slight creak of metal, my music now silenced. Hot breath fell on my neck. 

Don't look behind you.

The End

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