Li17: "Your time will soon run out."

So I'm now twenty and it's almost time for my twenty first birthday. With most twenty-first birthday's people will be going nutso over it. But not me. Nope, according to my great aunt this is the day I will die or something. Her exact words were "Your time will soon run out".
Yeah like I want to get told that? Anyway where was I? Oh right, thanks to her 'prediction' and I say that very very lightly my party sucks! There's no one here and I have the biggest flutter of butterflies in my stomach!
But despite that I do love my aunt, but living my life being wary of this day has wrecked havoc on me!
So I'll party until the sun rises and prove to her that not all predictions come true.

                                                                                  * * *
Twelve hours later...

"Lara look out!" My mother screamed.
I spun around and saw a car coming toward me. What is a car doing in my backyard? I thought dimly but before I coul contemplate it more everything went black, no literally, the car was on top of me!

So I guess that one prediction came true. But I still stand by what I said, not all predictions come true.

The End

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