Anyone - "You will never find what it is you are looking for."

"You will never find what it is you are looking for."

Those words had been stuck in my head for the past two days. A prophecy from an old wizened lady who was blind and only had some old counters which looked like they were made out of teeth.

I gave her my sandwich, the spare one I always make in case we needed to run again and I couldn't cook something for dinner. But she was so thin and weak, I reckoned one night without dinner wouldn't be too bad. So I gave her the sandwich.

She reached out for it, but grabbed my wrist instead. I tried to pull away but her grip was like steel. Two more came out of the shadows, repeating those words. Again and again. The words cut into my flesh and chilled my blood, my bones turned to liquid and I could feel my head blurring. But a situation like that, it just made me fight more.

I managed to yank my wrist out of her hand and bolted to the van. Everyone was buzzing around my head, asking me what was going on, if I had seen anything dangerous. My head was shaking, I needed them to shut up! Why wouldn't they just shut up? They started to drive and soon they left me alone, alone to recover from that crazy scene. Now I just keep hearing those words. Never?

All I want is to stop running. To be safe.

The End

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