Cat_Monty - "An old friend will call you."

I was woken up at two in the morning by my phone buzzing. I recalled my prophecy and the names and faces of the various people I hadn't spoken to in years flashed before my eyes. There were old friends from places I used to live before being moved again. There was M, the girl who decided out of no-where that she didn't need or want me. There were a few ex's I hadn't spoken to in ages. But the number was an unknown. I had to answer to know. The sound of his voice made my blood run cold. I had hoped never to hear that voice though it rang in my ears every time I had that nightmare.

“I'm coming round dear” He said, then he hung up. I panicked, how did he find me? What was I supposed to do now. I stared around my room frantically, there had to be something I could use in self-defence. I felt a knock on my door and knew I had to think fast, I was home alone. I saw the screwdriver my dad had left lying around. His expression will forever be remembered, I finally got my payback.  

The End

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