Anyone - "Your deepest desires shall prevail."

I sat smiling down at my application form.

"Your deepest desires shall prevail." That was my prophecy and never would I forget it.

Some people said that only applying to one university was risky and that only applying to the top rated university was an even greater risk but I knew in my heart that it wasn't.
They would accept me, whatever it took, because that is what my prophecy tells me.

I had, had my eyes set on this university, a career as an editor and Stephan the shop-keeper for as long as I could remember. My deepest desires. They would never fail me, Stephan never did.
At this thought I glanced over at the fearful look on Stephan's face as he crouched further into the corner.

My prophecy tells me that nothing I want will ever not be mine and Stephan knows this and he loves me and he is mine.

So although other people may think this is risky; one application letter is all I need and one career option is all I should ever strive for.

The End

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