Anyone - "The hands of time will be against you."

Margaret knows never a truer word has ever been spoken. She doesn't know where the voice is truly coming from or how it knows, but the hands of time are certainly against her.

She has quite a mess to clean up. And if she takes the prophesy to heart then she knows she doesn't have much time. How could he do this? How could her own brother brutally murder their sister? Something doesn't sit right about the whole situation but that is neither here nor there, now. The body has to be moved. The horrible scene has to be cleaned and fast. Why did they just leave her there? Margaret wants to cry and plead and... grieve.  but there just isn't the time. Besides, she's already mourned her before.

It wasn't the same and you know it, she was nothing but a bed of bones then.

From the looks of it, somehow days, maybe a week or more  have passed. But how? Margaret takes the cloth in her hand and starts to wipe away the fluids that have begun to accumulate on her sister's face. She is bloated and seeping. The flies have already arrived.

The End

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