(Example) TheGirlInTheCupboard - "The one you love will leave you."

Seven o'clock, precisely. There was a knock on the door of my flat. My heart was just about making mincemeat out of my ribs as I opened the door and the smell of his sweet cologne flooded my senses.

"Hey," he said with a weak, sick smile.

"Hello," I said, trying to hide my bitterness. After all, he didn't know that I knew what he was planning. The text "We need to talk" could have meant anything. But thanks to my prophecy, I knew exactly what it meant.

I led him to the table. "What are we having?" he asked.

"Spaghetti," I replied robotically. "It's just done. I'll be back in a minute."

I raced to the kitchen, feeling sick. He was going to eat dinner with me. And at what point was he going to dump me?! What a boyfriend he was.

And how humiliating... My friends all reckoned I was going to marry this man, and have his children. And now he was going to destroy everything? Not in this lifetime.

I opened the top drawer of the cabinet, and pulled out a long, shiny breadknife. Not technically ideal for what I had in mind, but it would do.

I re-entered the living room. His back was to me. As I crept up behind him with the bread knife, I thought of how gorgeous his hair looked tonight.

I'll show those witches whose boyfriend is leaving who!

The End

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