Round 1

Just a little scrimmage of savviness. Care to join?

There once was a lowly mechanic named Eugene who wanted to become the next Hugh Hefner.  Unfortunately, his wife--who trampled on every dream, every word, everything he loved--was leaving him, and there was no reason behind it. So he devised a plan, one that would make her never want to leave. He was going to secretly scrape together what little money they had and buy a toilet plunger, the likes of which the world had never seen before, and give it to her for her to use in her Toilet Baseball League which she played with all her friends. He, for some reason unbeknownst even to himself, often abstained from partaking in his  wife's favorite pastime. So he went out looking for the perfect plunger to bestow upon his misunderstood wife. It couldn't be just any toilet plunger, no. It had to be the most devious, the most dastardly, the most inexpensive piece of crap toilet plunger money couldn't buy. After looking high and low, from Joe the Plumber's to Tim Joad's Commodes, he found it. In the gutter, obviously used, was the dingiest, dirtiest plunger one rarely ever found. So he slunk to the wall, shimmied along the side of it, and snatched the plunger and ran like hell! Had anyone seen him, they probably would have thought he was either crazy, drunk, a mixture of the two, or madly in love. In love with what, they could not say. But, hey as long as he's happy and not committing arson, who cares?

The End

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