Shut up!

Evan stood stock still, his hands clenched in to tight fists. He willed Andrea to hurry back so that he wouldn’t have to suffer Finn alone any longer.

“Whether you’re right or wrong, if you say anything to Andrea…”

Finn was still snickering in the corner.

“If I say anything to Andrea, then what? Gonna hit me, lover-boy?” He darted to the other side of the room, dancing about almost playfully, “You couldn’t catch me.”

“Want to bet?” Evan growled, tensing his muscles.

“Did I miss something?”

Andrea’s voice startled Evan and he whirled around to face her in the doorway. She furrowed her brow in a look of suspicion.

“Sorry Andrea, I didn’t hear you come in,” Evan mumbled his apology, “Sarah OK?”

An exaggerated snigger rose from Finn, which Evan tried to ignore as he felt his cheeks heating up again.

Andrea smiled, “Yeah, yeah she’s fine. Well, as fine as someone who’s just had an operation and escaped from their hospital bed could be. She’s tough,” her smile faded, “I’ll have to phone her later though and see what’s going on with her brother.”

Placing both hands on the back of his neck, Evan let go a sigh. As resilient as Sarah was, she should still be in hospital, being taken care of. Her brother’s injuries had sounded serious, and Evan wanted some way of knowing how she was himself.

“I hope he’s alright,” he offered Andrea some sympathy, taking note of her worry, “you’ll have to let me know somehow. Or you could…”

“What?” Andrea looked at him expectantly, but Evan didn’t want to discuss Sarah too much or ask for a way of contacting her in Finn’s presence, knowing the glee his discomfort seemed to cause the little man.

“Nothing - it’s OK,” he attempted to shake the moment off.

The End

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