Teasing Evan

Finn watched as Sarah left the room, feeling ever-so-slightly jealous that no-one had registered he was there.

But, then again, he was pretty much invisible.

Letting the cloaking drop, he slunk up behind Evan and whispered mischievously:

"Gonna miss your girlfriend?"

Evan, who up until this moment had been staring out of the door after Sarah, wheeled on him.

"She is not my girlfriend! She helped me, I helped her, we're friends." he hissed, ears turning pink as he spoke.

Finn snickered maliciously, "Sure. Don't think I didn't notice the way you kept looking at her. You fancy her something rotten, it's written all over your face. In Big. Red. Letters."

Ducking under Evan's poorly-aimed swipe, Finn danced up behind him and hissed evilly in his ear:

"Shall I ask her for her number? Or would you prefer if I brought a big bouquet of flowers and a love note? A diamond ring perhaps?"

"Shut it will you!" Evan snarled back, face getting redder by the moment. Finn laughed and darted out of reach.

Torturing lover-boy was proving to be highly amusing.

The End

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