Sarah's Goodbye

Sarah hated throwing a fit like that, but it was her oldest brother. And surgery aside, she was going to be there. Especially since she knew her mother would need her support as she was the only other family member likely to be available. Damn the military. Damn the war.

“Don’t Ask,” Andrea muttered as she handed Sarah a lab coat.

“Oh well,” Sarah murmured, “better than this drafty hospital gown.” She sucked the gown only to put it on with the opening in back. Andrea tied it for her. Then she threw the lab coat on over that. Taking out her braids, which were coming undone anyway, she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Evan showed me a way out,” Andrea whispered, peeking out the door to see if the coast was clear.

“Hang on,” Sarah pulled the IV out of her arm. Damn that hurt a bit. The tape was worse though. She grimaced.

“Oh Sarah,” Andrea groaned and then laughed as Sarah grinned back. They were about ready to go when Andrea stopped again. “Oh, wait! I bet there’s someone who wants to say goodbye.”

Sarah sighed an rolled her eyes as Andrea popped out of the room. After all this she’d bet Andrea was still trying to set her up, even if she didn’t know Evan well. Andrea quickly came back in with Evan and Finn.

Evan very carefully looked at the floor. Either he was embarrassed to look at her or he was hiding something. The slight blush on his cheeks spoke to the former.

“Well, guess this is goodbye.” Sarah hated good byes, still… “Thank you both for your help.” She shook their hands, opting to give Evan a hug with her free arm. “Alright lets go.” Sarah turned to Andrea who lead her quickly down the hall to the, apparently unknown, door.

“Be careful,” Andrea whispered.

Sarah gave her friend an embrace, she face falling at the prospect of what was coming next. “You too and let me know if I need to bail you out or anything because of this.”

“Don’t worry about me, go home.”

Sarah turned and started to walk away. Stopping as a thought struck her, she turned back. “IF, and only IF, Evan asks for my phone number, you can give it to him.” She looked at her friend meaningfully. “Only Evan, and Only if he asks.”

“Right,” Andrea smiled back. Sarah rolled her eyes and left. She had just enough cash to get herself to her apartment. She hailed a cab and gave the driver her address.

She’d have to be careful if any of her other brothers showed up. Somehow she’d have to keep them from punching her stomach. Sarah’s hand went to where her stitches were. Damn if she wasn’t getting back into martial arts after this. She’d nearly made it to black belt before she quit because of school.

The End

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