Hysteria: Part 1

Sarah swung her legs out of bed.  “I have to go home now!”

Andrea and Evan lunged for Sarah at the same time, moving so fast they almost collided again. “Sarah, no! You can’t get up yet!” Andrea gasped.

Evan gently guided her back into the hospital bed. “You’re not well enough yet. Listen, I know you’re stressing about your friend. Right now there’s nothing you can do. I’m not letting you up until the nurse dismisses you.”

Sarah looked close to tears. Her face was still deathly pale. “No, I have to go! I have to get home —”

“Shhh.” Tenderly Evan placed a finger on Sarah’s lips, stopping the desperate babble. “It’ll be alright. You’ve got us here with you. We’re your friends.”

“NO!” Sarah shrieked, and the tears started flowing freely down her pale cheeks. “Let me go! Let me go!”

The nurse came running back in, her hair coming loose from its neat bun and coiling wildly around her face. “What is going on in here? What’s wrong? Are you in pain?”

Evan conversed quietly with the nurse, turning so that Sarah, still hysterical, wouldn’t see. “Emotional distress. She just got a call that someone she knows has a severe head injury and might not make it. She’s demanding that she be let home.”

“What?!” The nurse’s matronly voice was rising. “Absolutely forbidden! This hospital is in lockdown! We’re surrounded by police! There’s no way anyone is getting in or out!”

Andrea and Evan were careful not to look at each other.

“NO!” Sarah screamed again, and collapsed into racking sobs.

Andrea knelt by the hospital bed, gently stroking Sarah’s forehead, which was covered by a pearly sheen of cold sweat. She met Evan’s eyes, then Finn’s, still nearly invisible behind Evan. They shared a look of somber understanding. Something had to be done for Sarah, and fast.

The End

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