Leaving Early?

“Have you had that arm looked at yet?” Sarah asked as she caught site of Evan’s bloody sleeve when he turned to Finn.

“What? Oh, it’s fine, seriously.” Evan’s hand moved to his sleeve, gingerly touching his arm.

Before Sarah could ask another question the Nurse came in. She looked wide eyed at the people. “It’s okay, they’re my friends,” Sarah stated looking at Andrea and Evan. Finn had either ducked out the door or he was that odd shadow standing behind Evan. Well that was a bit odd. Then again who was she to question it? She who disappeared into a tiny grove of trees; the nurse interrupted her thoughts.

“Well out they go. I have to check your stitches, see how they are doing and take out the catheter.”

The shadow that was Finn quickly moved out, followed by Evan. Andrea slowly stood. “Do you want me to stay?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure, I feel really terrible….”

“No, you should go.” Sarah looked at her friend. Andrea obviously still felt guilty about not having gone with Sarah that night. Frankly Sarah was glad. “Look,” she said. “I haven’t even seen my stitches yet. I just, need to see them alone first okay?”

Andrea pouted slightly as the Nurse stood there with crossed arms. Finally she left Nurse glaring after her until she shut the door. The woman turned back to Sarah with an attempted smile. Sarah let her adjust the bed and pull down the covers. Part of her didn’t want to see the wound the surgery had left her with. But, with morbid curiosity she couldn’t help but look as the nurse pulled back her hospital gown.

A cross of railroad tracks centered on her belly button; Sarah gasped. “Oh it should heal fine as long as you don’t go doing anything strenuous for a while.” Her fingers prodded the wound as Sarah tried not to wince in pain. Then she slathered it with some sort of ointment, took out the catheter and covered Sarah back up.

Sarah sighed as the woman performed all remaining routine checks. “We’ll take the IV out tomorrow. For now, you just take it to the bathroom with you.” The nurse wrote her notes down on Sarah’s chart. “Expect to see the doctor this evening.” She left the room letting the others know they could come back in.

“So how bad was it?” Andrea immediately asked.

Sarah shrugged. “Let’s just say I don’t think I’ll be wearing bikinis any time soon.”

Andrea laughed which got an odd expression from Evan. “I’ve never worn bikini.” She offered by way of explanation. He nodded. Finn looked like he was about to say something when a phone started ringing.

Everyone but Sarah began to look for it in the now crowded room. Andrea bumped heads with Evan, Evan bumped heads with Finn, and Sarah wondered where the rest of her stuff had gotten to; like the clothing she had been wearing.

At last the phone was found in a brown paper bag that had been kicked under the bed. Well at least Sarah now knew where her phone and wallet were. Her clothing was another matter.

“You’re mom,” Andrea said as she handed the phone over. It had already gone to voicemail.

“I’ll call her back later.” Sarah sighed.

Then Andrea’s phone rang. “Hi, Mrs. Smith?” pause “Sarah, yeah she’s right here?” pause “No, no, we just had a heck of a time trying to find the phone.” Pause “Are you okay Mrs. Smith?” pause “Um, yeah sure.” Andrea handed the phone to Sarah. “She sounds really upset.”

“Hey Mom, what’s up?” Sarah listened. She slowly sat up without help from the bed. One hand clutched the bedrail as the color slowly faded from her face. “I’ll be home as soon as I can Mom.” Sarah closed the phone and handed it back to Andrea.

“It’s Robert,” She stared at her friend, “severe head wound, they don’t know if he’ll make it home. I have to go home now!” Sarah swung her feet over the side of the bed.

The End

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