Pressure diffusing. Slightly.

Finn scowled “Look, I had to go somewhere, didn’t I? I didn’t really want to take my chances in the waiting room. Especially not with…” He lowered his voice “With what I told you.”

Evan relaxed slightly and tried to make amends for his initial reaction. “Yes, OK. Sorry.” He rubbed his forehead, then added “I don’t know how many visitors Sarah’s allowed - will you be able to uh, make yourself… ‘Scarce’ if a nurse comes in?”


Andrea interrupted, “Wait, you two know each other?”

“Sort of.”

Evan: “This is the guy who helped me get Sarah to surgery, if a little reluctantly. We had a little talk while we were waiting for news.”

Finn shot him a warning look, But Evan had intended to go no further in his explanation. He gave Finn a curt nod to reassure him.

“Have you had that arm looked at yet?” Sarah’s expression was one of concern.

“What? Oh, it’s fine, seriously.” Evan’s hand moved to the bloody patch of his sleeve, gingerly searching the skin of his arm. There was certainly something there - a small round depression interrupted the even surface of his skin. It was not nearly as deep as it should be, though. It was healing.

The End

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