Fading Out

When he'd heard the waiting room door open, Finn had flattened himself against the wall and prayed he could just fade out of view. Thankfully neither Evan, nor the woman who was with him, noticed him. In his panic, the attempted dissapearance hadn't worked so well. It was a gift of Finn's, being able to somehow fade out of view when the situation required. That was how he'd stayed hidden in the waiting room for so long behind the potted plant before he'd emerged to help Evan and Sarah. He just seemed to fade out, like a half-visible shadow.

Once Evan and the new woman had gone past however, Finn followed. Lurking in the waiting room, dreading what could possibly happen next had just about shredded what was left of his sanity and he was desperate to find something to distract himself.

Evan and his new lady friend would have to do.

Making sure to open the door as little as possible, Finn slipped into Sarah's room, unnoticed by anyone. The other woman evidently knew Sarah and now the two were having a very rapid conversation while  Evan was standing around looking thoughtful. Still semi-invisible, Finn slunk over to stand a short distance behind Evan, just a vague shadowy outline in the bright light of the room.

Well this is interesting...

The End

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