The pain Of The Past

“Oh c’mon, Sarah! This is pretty far to go to set you up with a guy! What do you take me for?” Said Andrea, feigning indignation.

Sarah smirked. “I suppose getting me to surgery to meet a guy, staging a shoot-out and getting him to save my life is a little… elaborate, even for you. Don’t look so uncomfortable, Evan.”


“He’s just horrified at the thought of going out with me.” A grin crept across Sarah’s face.

“No! Well, it’s not… You are attractive, you’re beau- But I wasn‘t…” He let his voice trail off, feeling his usually fair complexion tingle with a fiery rouge.

The two women stared at him, the corners of their mouths twitching until they burst into a fit of laughter, Sarah clutching her stomach. When their giggles had subsided, Evan put on his best grumpy face and folded his arms like a sulking child. They didn’t seem to feel very guilty, so he relaxed and smiled with them. Andrea turned to Sarah and began to question her, and Evan decided to let them talk for a while - they obviously had some catching up to do.

It was true that he found her attractive; past the tomboyish demeanour was a beautiful young woman with a strong, fiery personality. He was used to protecting other people, but would he have done something so trivial as to fetch a pizza if he wasn’t attracted to her?

Even if he had met Sarah under different circumstances, if Andrea had set them up, would he be able to go through with it? He’d been alone for a long time now, and though it was never how he’d imagined his life to be, he’d grown accustomed to the single lifestyle. Being alone was far from ideal, but what if it was for the best?

His mind drifted back to Alex and he felt the muscles of his face contort as he remembered how happy he’d been with her. It was four years since he’d been forced to say goodbye to her, and the pain was no longer fresh in his torso, but had become a dull sickness that throbbed in his belly when he tried to remember her face. The only emotion that was still strong was the guilt he felt knowing that ultimately, she had died for nothing.

Evan yearned still for the bliss that seemed to surround that part of his past, but perhaps never knowing that kind of happiness again would save the torture of having it ripped away from him once more.

The End

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