Weak but Strong

The nurse came in to check Sarah shortly after Evan had left on her pizza hunt. “You sure you don’t want any counseling services. We’ve a real nice woman psychologist…”

Sarah shook her head. “I went through that a month ago. I don’t need it.”

“Yes, but,” the nurse looked at her concerned. Obviously she was a motherly type. “It’s different now.”

“Maybe I never wanted to have kids,” Sarah suggested. By the look on the nurse’s face, Sarah’s guess that she was a mother, or wanted to be one badly, was right. “I’ll be fine, really I will be.” Sarah smiled sweetly. She hadn’t really meant to upset the nurse, but stereotypes were like a pet peeve with her.

The woman shook her head. “Well you just let me know if you change your mind.”

“I will,” Sarah affirmed, though I know I won’t she finished silently. The nurse left.

Sarah sighed and lay the bed back down. Her eyes were again drawn to the window and the sky. She took a deep breath, reminding herself that she was here, in the city, going to college, so she could keep the farm. None of her four brothers wanted it. And neither, really, did her mother. But she was holding onto it for Sarah; and for her late husband, the father of her five children.

This farm has been in the family for nearly eight generations, Sarah’s father had told her one night shortly before he’d been killed. Gone back and forth from Ranch to Farm so many times it’s a wonder the land knows what it’s doing. But she’s good land Sarah; she’s got magic to her. Her father had grinned his 13 year old daughter and ruffled her hair. But I think you know that better than I don’t you?

Sarah did know the magic of that land. Ever since she was eight and had ventured into the corpse of willows, she’d known. Jason was part of that magic. A true friend and would be knight in shining armor, if he wasn’t confined to the Grove. She confided in him, just about everything, and it was killing her to have been away so long with so much stuff that needed to be gotten off her chest. Outside of him the next best person was Andrea; one of Sarah’s few female friends.

Thinking of Andrea, Sarah realized she needed to find a way to call her. A gasp interrupted her thoughts and she turned to the door. Andrea stood, there hand over her mouth. Behind her was Evan, holding a large Pizza box. Sarah could practically smell the grease. She grinned and, after fussing with the bed controls, managed to sit up without grimacing too much.

“Come on Andrea, let the man in with my pizza, I’m famished you know. That’s why I’m so pale, not a lick of good food in this place.” Her eyes twinkled at her friend, letting her know, that despite being in a hospital bed, Sarah was still herself.

Andrea smiled and came in moving the bed tray over so Evan could set the pizza on it. “Get enough?” Sarah asked as she grabbed for piece. It wasn’t quite as good as Mike’s but it was better than everything else she’d had in this city. “So, how’d you guys run into each other anyway?” she asked after swallowing her second bite. “Or did you know each other before hand?” she glanced at Andrea. It wouldn’t be the first time her best friend had tried to set her up with a guy. Of course they never ended well. She chewed her third bite looking back and forth between the two.

The End

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