Count Me In

"Do you want to come with me? See how Sarah's doing?"

Andrea hesitated. She still wasn't sure whether trust this man. Evan, he'd said his name was. She pushed her fingers through her hair and frowned. "Go with you? Back to the hospital surrounded by police, where we'll have to duck past them just to get in, and then run the risk of getting shot by an escapee from the psycho ward?" She grinned. "Count me in."

Evan's haggard face broke into a smile. "Great. Let's roll."

He scooped up the pizza box, where a large dark grease spot was already forming on the bottom. He held it gingerly by the corner. "Definitely not your typical female request."

The cashier glowered at them as they left without leaving a tip on the table. Andrea waved cheerily as they passed. Evan chuckled.

They walked quickly down the street, heading for the hospital. "How are we supposed to get in without the police noticing us?" Andrea asked in a low voice.

Evan answered without looking back. "I found a side door that wasn't cordoned off. We can go through there."

Andrea tilted her head. "You know, most normal people would tell the police about a potential escape route that a crazy gun-toting madwoman could use to her advantage."

Evan grinned. "Maybe I'm not a normal person."

The hospital quickly came into sight, a tall, nondescript building for the most part, except for the fact that it was surrounded by black and white patrol cars.

"Come on," Evan murmured, taking the lead. He led Andrea around the perimeter of the parking lot, ducking low to avoid being seen. They reached the side door unnoticed and slipped inside.

The antiseptic tang of the hospital bombarded Andrea's senses as she stepped through the door, and she automatically wrinkled her nose. She shuddered. Hospitals made her feel claustrophobic.

"This way," Evan whispered, ducking around a corner. They followed the winding corridors, and with every passing moment Andrea felt more nervous.

Finally they reached a door that had been propped open, and Evan waved her inside. The sight that met Andrea's eyes made her gasp: Sarah, her Sarah, reclining in a hospital bed, looking weaker than she'd ever seen her before.

The End

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