Don't Worry

Evan scrutinised the face of the girl sitting before him, wondering if he should trust her. She had rather randomly told him she wasn’t a cat, but she’d been embarrassed enough about it so he wasn’t going to punish her for it. Her concern for Sarah was genuine, too.

“Sarah Smith, right?” He wanted to be sure.

The girl nodded earnestly.

Evan sighed and reached a hand up to rub his neck.
“Sarah’s OK, there were some complications, but she’s OK.”


“Yeah, I’ll let her tell you about that though - it’s not really my place to say. Just don’t worry too much. I‘m Evan by the way.”

“Andrea” was the girl’s reply.

The cashier skulked over to their table. With a scowl he dropped a large pizza box on the table and walked away, having already been paid.

“Maybe I should have ordered a small one,” Evan gestured to the pizza, “I don’t know if I can take food on to the ward.”

“I should have known that greasy pizza would be for Sarah,” Andrea grinned.

“Yeah. What was it she said to me? ‘Not your typical female request.’ I get the feeling Sarah’s not a typical female.”

“She’s not,” Andreas laugh became a frown “hold on, how do you know Sarah?”

“Ah, I don’t. We just met today.”

“And you came out here to get her a pizza?” Andrea asked, her eyebrows raised.

“Yeah,” Evan thought about this for the first time, and only now realised how unusual it might sound, “I’m nice like that, I guess.” After a nervous laugh and a slightly uncomfortable silence, he added; “I’m gonna go back to the hospital in a minute, before this pizza gets too cold. Do you want to come with me? See how Sarah’s doing?”

The End

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